Train the TOP DOG Way - Mark Combo DVD

$ 25.00

by Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan

Part of the Train the Top Dog Way Video Series

These two short programs allow you to teach your dog the often overlooked skill of "marking" both a thrown object, like a dumbbell, and something that the dog didn't see, such as the glove.  These skills will improve your dog's retrieves.  Your dog need not yet be retrieving the dumbbell or gloves to begin his training.  In fact, this foundation work should be done first!  But it is never too late to hone your dog's marking ability!  Along the way, we can also improve the pick up, spin back, motivation and speed of your dog's retrieve!

This DVD includes:

  • Mark It - Look Before You Leave! - Step-by-step instruction for teaching the dog to "mark" a thrown object.  This is great fun for the dog and can be started by the youngest puppy or added to the training of your experienced dog!
  • Mark II: No Peeking - Teaching the Blind Mark - Building on the foundation above, we will teach the dog to confidently and accurately mark objects that he didn't see you throw.  This makes teaching or improving your glove exercise a cinch!  Again much of this fun work can be done before the dog has a retrieve. 

(28 Minutes)

Also available ON DEMAND through Vimeo:
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Train the Top Dog Way - MARK Combo from Barking Dog Video on Vimeo.


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