Fantastic Fronts and Fabulous Finishes

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By Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan
Train the Top Dog Way!

This title consists of two approximately hour-long videos: "Fantastic Fronts" and "Fabulous Finishes."

Fronts and finishes are an important part of most exercises in obedience. Although getting good fronts and finishes does require repetition, unless you use a clear method for teaching them, drilling fronts and finishes over and over again will not improve them. We must teach the dog these important skills.

We believe in teaching fronts and finishes with a step-by-step approach. We teach each separately from exercises, such as the recall, and only combine them with an exercise once the dog understands the front and finish, as well as the exercise. It is very demotivating to the dog to try to insist on straight fronts and perfect finishes in an exercise when the dog doesn’t really understand how to do fronts and finishes. Here we will break them down into each small step. If you take your time and master each step before moving on, your dog will have a complete understanding of how to do a straight front and finish.

Throughout the video, you will see how we go through our progression while making adjustments for different size dogs and different body types. This proven method works for all size dogs from toys to giant breeds. We also teach both left and right finishes and talk about accommodating different styles of finish.

Once you have a solid foundation with our step-by-step method, any little errors that the dog makes are easily fixed by identifying the appropriate step and revisiting that piece.

Now have fun teaching fronts and finishes the Top Dog way and enjoy training and showing your dog!

(112 Minutes.)

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Reviews of Fantastic Fronts and Fabulous Finishes

I am a competition obedience video junkie.  I purchase every new video, DVD, CD that comes out.  Rarely do I find one as excellent and as useful as the new Fantastic Fronts and Fabulous Finishes video from Top Dog’s Betsy Scappichio and Linda Brennan.  Anyone who has attended one of their seminars or workshops or seen them compete knows that these two women are extraordinary dog trainers.   However, if you are like me, you also know extraordinary trainers who are instinctively great but are unable to communicate, in a way that can be utilized by regular dog trainers, exactly what they are doing to achieve their results.  One of Betsy and Linda’s many talents is the ability to break exercises down into small, totally achievable and easily replicated pieces.  This new F&F video goes through how Betsy and Linda teach fronts and finishes small step by small step.  It does not matter if one is teaching F&Fs from scratch or trying to improve a more experienced dog’s F&Fs, there are steps that will be useful and meaningful to all competitors.  The step format allows one to skip some of the earlier steps if you think they aren’t relevant to your training stage as well as to easily know how to back up to if you encounter a problem later on.  There are no fancy tricks, just solid foundation training.  Some props are used but, for each prop, there is a later step that explains how to eliminate that prop. Competition obedience competitors know that at the upper levels (open & utility) good fronts and finishes often account for the difference in scores among teams – I definitely recommend this video for anyone from an obedience newbie looking for a solid, easily followed way to teach fronts & finishes to the experienced, successful competitor looking for some new tips to improve their scores or to add to their tool box. 
Bonnie Burman
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I have been to many Top Dog seminars as Betsy and Linda are two of my very favorite trainers. Even though we did work on Fronts and Finishes at these workshops, I very highly recommend Top Dog’s new Fantastic Fronts and Fabulous Finishes online video. The content is extremely comprehensive and is presented in a very easy to understand step by step format. It is put together in such a way that makes it very easy to go back and check out a step, or steps, that you or your dog may be having issues perfecting. The online videos are also available to you forever upon purchase-making it accessible to go back and study for your future obedience stars as well! Thank you so much Betsy and Linda for taking the time to put this video together and for all your help over the years! I so appreciate you both.
Karen Thompson 


I recently purchased the Fantastic Front and Fabulous Finishes by Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan and could not be more thrilled with my purchase.
The Fantastic Front exercises are broken down by Betsy and Linda into easy understandable weekly exercises including very detailed steps with a demonstration using a small and a medium sized dog. They cover all the equipment you will need and how to use each piece of equipment.
The Fabulous Finishes Video shares the steps for training the Left Finish and the Around Finish giving you the option to learn both which I have incorporated into my training plans. Again they show you how to use the equipment if needed to make sure you get perfect straight sits in heel position.
When there are up to 14 fronts and finishes in any given class and with the possibility of loosing up to 3 points on a crooked sit or a dog not being in the correct heel position, why would you not add this to your Dog Training Toolbox.
Happy Training!
Clare M. Owings


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