Dynamite Drops

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By Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan

Part of the Train the Top Dog Way Video Series

Use This Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching a
Dynamite Drop on Recall

The drop on recall is a complex chain of behaviors. There are really two criteria for the dog’s drop in a drop on recall. One is how fast does the dog stop forward motion and the other is how quickly does the dog get into the down position. Some dogs stop well, but down slowly. Other dogs take extra steps after the drop command, but then down quickly. We teach the dog to respond immediately to our down signal by stopping and dropping fast.

We must first have a fast recall. Then we teach our dog the back drop down. We want the dog to fold back with his front end first or with his entire body at once. We do not want the dog’s hind end to drop first. There should be no forward motion in the drop. This will help the dog to stop in the recall and drop in place. Exactly how your dog drops will depend in part part on the dog’s structure. We ensure that the dog is doing a correct drop and doing it as quickly as he is able. In this video, we demonstrate with three different size dogs, including a toy dog.

When it comes to the stop portion of the drop, some dogs have difficulty responding immediately without forward motion. Going through the steps of teaching the drop and then teaching the dog how to drop in motion before putting it into the recall are critical.

Throughout teaching the drop, the dog will tend to anticipate. We demonstrate how to work through anticipation at each step. As with all of our training, we incorporate play into the exercise at every opportunity.

This video guides you through the process of teaching the drop on recall from the basics of teaching the mechanics of a correct drop, through incorporating the hand signal, and then teaching the dog to drop in motion before putting it all together in the drop on recall. We also address how to maintain the drop on recall throughout the dog’s career. Whether you are teaching your dog the drop or going back to improve your dog’s drop, this video will give you the tools to teach your dog to do a Dynamite Drop on Recall.

(47 minutes)

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DYNAMITE DROPS - Teaching the Drop on Recall from Barking Dog Video on Vimeo.

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