Competition Puppy - Part 1

$ 45.00

by Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan

Part of the Train the Top Dog Way Video Series

If you want to know how the Top Dogs train, this is where it all begins!  This two-DVD set covers the first six-week class session of Top Dog's Competition Puppy program.  Perfect for both the new puppy and the older dog who needs foundation work!  Topics include how we begin heeling, sits, downs, stands, retrieving, recalls, fronts and much, much more!  Many problems later in training are due to a lack of foundation skills, but it's never too late to pick up the steps you may have missed in your dog's training!  (110 Minutes)


Here's a quick look at what is covered in Week 1:


Here's what you and your puppy will be doing by Week 6:

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Top Dog Competition Puppy - Part 1 from Barking Dog Video on Vimeo.


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