Are We Having Fun Yet?

$ 65.00

Betsy and Linda's most requested workshop is now available as a FOUR DVD Set!

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Adding Motivation to Your Training with Fun and Games!

by Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan

Part of the Train the Top Dog Way Video Series

Betsy Scapicchio and Linda Brennan have presented this workshop around the country for the past twenty years and continue to get bookings and requests to present it.   That is because you can incorporate the motivational techniques taught in this DVD no matter what method you use to train your dog and whether your dog is a new puppy or a seasoned competitor.  These concepts will enhance not only your training, but your relationship with your dog as well.  By keeping your dog fully engaged with you in training, he can still be performing well and enjoying it for many years to come.  Become a more upbeat trainer and forge a stronger connection with your dog.  The DVDs include games specifically targeted to improve your heeling, recalls, and retrieves and explain how to incorporate the games into every exercise in competition obedience. 

Four DVDs:

  • Disc 1 - Introduction and Heeling Games
  • Disc 2 - Recall Games
  • Disc 3 - Retrieve Games
  • Disc 4 - Games for Other Exercises. 

Total run time is 2:52.

 Also available ON DEMAND through Vimeo:
 Click here to visit the ON DEMAND page.


Released May 2016.

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