Video Clips for Train the Top Dog Way BLOG

Here are some video clips to go along with our Train the Top Dog Way BLOG:

For our "Doggy Willpower?" Does Your Dog Have Impulse Control? Blog

Betsy Doing Play and Settle with Puppy "Zen":

Puppy "Zen" Does a Restrained Recall:

Linda Training "Spell", "Heart" and "Reese":



For our "Just CHUTE the Dog: Using Training Aides Effectively" Blog

Using a Barrier for Heeling:

Using a Barrier to Teach the Stand:

Using Chutes for the Recall:

Using a Front Chute in the Recall:

Using the Front Chute for Angle Fronts:

Using Front Sticks:

Using Sticks and String, Cheat Board and Flower Flat for the Broad Jump:


Using Chute Boards to teach the Turn and Sit for the Go Out:

Using Chutes for the Go Out: